In Cartonbar we are Industrial designers who specializes in designing and manufacturing packaging, Trade Show Booths, P.O.P Displays, Mailer Boxes, Pan de Jamon Boxes, Pizza Boxes, Bakery Boxes, Paper Bags, Eco Bags, Printing and more custom packaging solutions for any product, any brand, any industry.

Our team has decades of combined experience working with national brands, special event coordinators, agencies, and small businesses developing thoughtful solutions to fulfill the vision of the creators who can no longer find them anywhere else.

We know that having a beautiful, custom packaging design is the difference between your brand being taken seriously and just another business on the shelf. That´s why the main brands in the market have chosen us to create beautifully branded and customised boxes for all their products.

Custom Designs

Whether you run your business online or from a brick-and-mortar establishment, we offer a diverse array of high-quality customized boxes, paper bags, eco bags, labels, stands, packaging in general, P.O.P displays, and everything you can imagine. Cardboard is our best friend! And we are ready to meet all of your packaging requirements.


Envinroment Friendly

We believe that change starts from our environment, that's why we produce our boxes using papers that are sustainably sourced and inks that are environment-friendly; everything we offer is recyclable. Also, we produce all our packaging in the US, which means shorter transportation and a smaller carbon footprint.


Fast and Reliable

At Cartonbar, we are committed to creating innovative packaging solutions that consider the needs and demands of our customers both today and in the future. So whether you need cost-effective packaging that performs or sustainable innovation, our work is to be your best option. We are always ready to materialize your ideas, that is why we guarantee that our delivery times are as short as possible. Our printing technology helps us to print faster than others in the market, and have your orders ready to ship as fast as 5 - 7 business days to meet your tightest deadlines.